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Android Application Development

Listen, Ideate and Strategize

We help you develop your idea, bring it to life and together we will come up with a unique selling proposition to help you stand out from the rest.

Mobile Strategy

Having a mobile-optimized site is more important than ever. Our mobile development team makes your business relevant to customers on-the-go.


We can help you create cross-platform web-based apps, establish real-time data sync with WebSockets, create a Proof-of-Concept app, and more. We can build you a fast, reliable backend, as well as create a secure IoT infrastructure.


Native apps with up to 50% code reuse, forms with up to 90% shared code, complex client-server applications and data visualisation via Syncfusion — these are the cornerstones of our Xamarin mobile app development offering.


Intellectsofts always keeps track of emerging technologies to deliver forward-thinking solutions. The latest tech gives you many crucial benefits, from the highest level of security with blockchain — to reliable automation with Artificial Intelligence-based algorithms like machine learning.
Your app will consistently work across all devices and leverage any Android tech available to date. Android mobile app development has become one of our core strengths soon after the platform was released.
Build a solid app faster with our mobile platform that has pre-made feature modules. Leverage our extensive expertise for an industry-specific solution, or an enterprise suite. More so, add technologies and Augmented Reality to elevate your business security, key operations, and employee productivity.